hearing aids siemens battery ZA10

Model: (Hearing Aid battery)
Status: Available
Brand: باتری زیمنس (Siemens)
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0 To 9 $2.09
10 To 29 $2.07
30 To 99 $2.05
100 To ∞ $2.03

Hearing aid battery

Hearing aid battery is zinc-air type. Hearing aid batteries are produced in four different sizes in six-ring loops that have fixed colors in all hearing aid battery brands.

The size is 10 yellow. Size 13 is orange. The size of the 312 is brown and the size is 675 blue.

Hearing aid batteries vary according to their size and model and specifications of hearing aids.

  • The length of life of the 10 hearing aid battery, which has the smallest size, is used for hearing aids in the phone for about 7 days.

  • The length of life of the 312 hearing aid battery that is used in the back of the hearing aid is very small or inside the phone for about 10 days.

  • The lifetime of the 13 hearing aid that is used in the back of the hearing aid is about 15 days.

  • Lifespan Larger size Hearing Aid Batteries, such as the 675 used in the back of earphones, are about 20 days long.


When you buy a hearing aid, you should pay attention to its expiration date.


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