battery Sealed lead acid 6v 1.3Ah Orion

Model: (Sealed lead acid battery)
Status: Available
Brand: باتری اوریون (orion)
Quantity Price
0 To 2 $5.17
3 To 9 $4.88
10 To 19 $4.83
20 To ∞ $4.78

Leoch battery Sealed lead acid 6v 1.3Ah

Leoch company have all of models batteries, VRLA battery (6v1.3Ah-6 v1.3Ah), super heavy duty battery, Alkaline battery, battery charger, lithium battery, Lithium Polimer and ...


Features :

Lead alloy with low calcium minimizes gassing and extends life of grid.

Through unique active material recipes, plates after undergoing curing and tank formation provide outstanding energy density and ensure the quality of the battery.

Using brass coated lead alloy battery terminals minimizes impedance of connecting cells inside.

Case made of ABS resin and cells kept under internal pressure protects from outer shock or impact.

Micro-porous AGM separator completely absorbs and retains electrolyte under the pressured cell design.

Electrolyte sufficiently serves for electrochemical reactions in battery but never spills.

Battery cases are sealed in epoxy and cells are covered with vents to avoid cell contamination with the atmosphere and serve for internal oxygen reaction.

With very little gas evolution, the water loss is minimized and service life is extended. Excess pressure and gas will be released which ensures safety.

Vent design is certificated by UL.





Security & Alarm

Medical Equipment

Remote Monitoring

Solar Energy Station

Golf Carts




Riding Mowers


Water Sports

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