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Long battery 

Long is a Vietnam manufacturer of UPS batteries. The company owns one of the most advanced production lines. Long company batteries are Euro standard. Long-term and high quality Long has become a tough competitor in the global market, especially in Europe and Asia. Long sided acid batteries are produced in both conventional and Dip Cycles in the range of 1.2 to 200 amps.

We have listed here some of these products for you.

Dry Dry Battery 12V 7A
Long seal acid silicone battery 12V 4.5A
Long seal acid silicate battery 6 V 4.5A
Dry Dry Battery 12V 22A
Long battery 6V 7A
6V 12V DC battery
Long battery 12V 18A
Long Battery Life 12V 100A

To buy online and learn more about this brand and other branded brands, you can visit or call

Contact 021-33931415.

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